Mobile App Analytics Is Not That Special

There are a handful of special concepts that are important in mobile analytics, but most of the concepts people use in building out custom web analytics are very transferable to mobile app development. 4 of the 5 items below come from the general analytics or web analytics ecosystem – but I'll ask you to think about how they apply to your mobile app.

  1. Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR!

    How can you use the "AARRR" concept within your mobile app? What events might you record in your specific app to roll into Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue.

  2. 12 Billion Reasons to Measure Engagement Instead of Page Views

    This article talks about measuring deeper events rather than just pageviews. While the article is mostly about web apps, I think the concept (generally, that you should record the deep events that are relevant to your specific app rather than only measuring high-level events that are perhaps the most convenient to record) applies to mobile apps. Rather than just measuring downloads and app opens, what are some deeper events you can collect from within your mobile app, to measure real engagement?

  3. 4 Strategies for Getting Your Analytics Practice Off The Ground

    What are the 5-10 key nouns and verbs in your elevator pitch? (disclosure: the author of this article is my wife and colleague)

  4. How to Use a Single Metric to Run Your Startup

    If you were forced to choose, what would be the one metric that matters most for your mobile app? Sessions per day? Percentage of users who are active on a weekly basis?

  5. Reduce Inefficient Connections with Periodic Transfers

    One way that analytics for mobile apps is unique is that developers have to be conscious of battery life. If you're already doing some analytics in your mobile app, what can you do to make sure your analytics stuff isn't draining your users' batteries? Bonus: Dig into the Periodic Transfers Deep Dive to see the research findings behind these best practices.

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