Designing With Your Ears

Design starts before you even draw your first sketch. As a designer, your goal is to impact people's life in a positive and meaningful way. But how to make sure your product will actually solve a real problem? How do you make sure your target audience will actually use it? Here are a few links that will help you build empathy for your user and teach you how to design with your ears.

  1. A Five-Step Process For Conducting User Research

    Focus on listing your research objectives and hypothesis. It will become the structure of your design research and your frame project more generally.

  2. Interviewing humans

    Find a couple of potential users – try to think about people who might benefit from your product, (otherwise don't hesitate to start with your friends to get you started) and use these techniques to interview them. Keep in mind your research questions :-)

  3. Avoiding Bullshit Personas: A Case Study

    Listen to the presentation while watching the slides. Create personas representing the different types of people who have interviewed.

    Use these insights to better adapt your product to you users. After doing so, let's use our ears again and get some feedback from some people.

  4. Startup Lab workshop: User Research, Quick 'n' Dirty

    This video will give you all you need to get feedback on your prototype or product. Based on the tips given in the video, prepare your question interview.

  5. How to find great participants for your user study

    Now is time to find some people to try out your product! Create a screener using the screener worksheet and find some participants.

    ps. Let me know if you found these links useful and if you found other good tricks to get insights from user.

Finally, an easy to follow design course

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