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Win The Internet With A/B Testing

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Manik Rathee

Lesson 44

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    An Introduction To A/B Testing

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    Optimization at the Obama campaign

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    Testing Your Messages: Framing for Increased Conversions

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    Statistical Significance & Other A/B Test Pitfalls

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    In Defense Of A/B Testing


    Now that you’ve completed this lesson, you should be all set to start testing your products. You have your platform of choice from #1, a set of test options and relevant hypothesis from #2, a set of copy tests from #3, and tools to properly manage and analyze your data form #4. Lastly, #5 should have given you the understanding of difficulties with A/B testing, along with the alternative: Multivariate tests.

    So, what are you waiting for? The data is out there just waiting for you to gather it.

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