Hack Design


The Hack Design toolkit was created to help prospective designers discover the best tools for any project – from sketching, to publishing iPhone apps, and everything in between.

Firstly, we'd like to thank the app makers. You're the best of the best. Without you, designers like us couldn't work the way we do today, and this website could not possibly exist (in both a practical and functional sense).

We'd also like to thank our #{link_to 'Hack Design Lesson Curators', curators_path} for suggesting the best tools and personally endorsing their favorites. You guys and gals are awesome.

Finally, we owe major thanks to iusethis.com for collecting usage data on thousands of Mac and iOS apps. We used some of their data to seed our own "I Use This!" button. A complete list of their data that we're using is included below.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

App Name Value
After Effects CC 547
Aperture 3071
Axure 29
Balsamiq Mockups 212
Cheetah3D 85
Cloud 799
Coda 2 3155
ColorSnapper 19
Dropbox 9950
Droplr 288
Ember 1284
GitHub 412
Hammer 6
Hype 2 92
iA Writer 117
Icon Slate 20
Illustrator CC 5247
ImageAlpha 32
ImageOptim 318
InDesign CC 2692
Keynote 8812
LittleIpsum 64
Maya 113
OmniGraffle 1565
Photoshop CC 9326
Pixa 26
Pixelmator 3802
Quartz Composer 1688
Reflector 31
Sketch 3 98
Skitch 3136
Slicy 10
Sublime Text 422
Vim 576