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Droplr, LLC


Simple file sharing for the Mac.

Drag anything to Droplr's icon in your menubar and Droplr will give you a short handy link that you can share with your friends, family, and co-workers. Droplr makes sharing images, video, music, documents, screen shots, and just about any other file a breeze.

Simple, frictionless sharing
* Drag and drop anything on Droplr’s menubar icon.
* Droplr will copy the link to your clipboard for easy sharing with email, SMS, instant messages, Twitter, Facebook, and more.
* Anyone who receives the link can quickly view and download the content you've shared with them.

Screen shot sharing
Droplr has always been the best way to share screenshots. And now with Droplr Draw you can communicate your most important ideas instantly. Use Droplr Draw to mark up your screenshots with arrows, shapes, and text, before you share them.

* Upload an image or screenshot with custom shortcut or with your familiar OS X tools
* Use Droplr’s editing tools to quickly annotate and clearly communicate your ideas

Note sharing
* Droplr handles text uploads including markdown, plain text, & code snippets
* Smart syntax highlighting and line numbers

Smart keyboard shortcuts
* Shortcuts perform actions depending on what app you’re using
* Droplr’s plugins integrate with your favorite apps to make sharing from anywhere (iPhoto, Safari, Photoshop, etc)
* Quick, easy shortcuts for taking a screen shot and sharing it without having to save it to your desktop first

Get more by going Pro!
* Droplr Draw for annotating your images and screenshots
* Larger uploads (1GB) & increased storage (100 GB)
* Ad-Free experience
* Private drops
* Customization options: select from different themes and use custom domain names for drops
* Available with an In-App Purchase

Droplr is designed to stay out of your way but always be ready when you need it.

“Droplr is the original file & link sharing app for the Mac that I couldn’t live without. All the other imitations fall short.” - Stephen Hubbard, Photographer

* Keyboard shortcuts for faster access to uploading.
* Custom keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot and automatically uploading it in the background.
* Easy to understand menu with options for viewing past drops, copying links, opening a drop & deleting a drop.
* Thumbnail previews of your images in Droplr's menu.
* View tracking - see how many people have viewed your drops.
* Native text handling - makes sharing notes and code snippets incredibly easy and fun.
* Many plugins to integrate with your favorite apps.
* Growl support if you'd prefer it over Droplr's notifications.
* Cloud-based web application to manage all your drops and account options.

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