Quickly Create iOS Prototypes
Flinto strikes the perfect balance between fast prototyping and realism.
Prototypes run on iPhone or iPad and can be shared with anyone.

The Flinto Editor
Build your prototype by linking screens and setting transitions. We’ve gone above and beyond to make it fast and easy.

Works with any images
No goofy design tools here. Add high-fidelity mockups or rough sketches, replace them as you go. Drop screens on the page and start working, no waiting for uploads.

The Link Line
Add interactivity by linking screens together. All of your screens appear on the same page—it really couldn’t be more intuitive.

The Magic of LinkSnap
LinkSnap is the fastest way to create links. Hold option while hovering and links will be drawn on your image automatically, it works like magic.

Share and Install
Flinto is all about getting your designs interactive and onto an iOS device. It’s the best way to test your app’s interface and Flinto makes it easy.

Beyond the Icons
Custom icons are just the beginning. Add a startup image and specify super–smooth transitions between screens for added realism. You’d never expect to make something that feels this real, so quickly.

Share but Stay In Control
Share your prototype by sending a secure URL to anyone straight from Flinto’s editor. Track individual views and revoke access. Any updates you make may be viewed immediately by everyone.

Your Prototypes
Your prototype are displayed beautifully on your Flinto dashboard. Create prototypes for all your app ideas, or for each new feature you dream up.

Supports all iOS devices
Create prototypes for iPhone (and iPod Touch) or iPad in either landscape or portrait orientations. Prototype can be installed on the corresponding device.

Go Team!
Invite team members to collaborate on your Flinto prototypes. Your team will be able to work on your prototypes, and you’ll get fine–grained control over who can access what. Your first member is free.

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