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POP - Prototyping on Paper



Have an app idea? Draw it on paper and use POP to make it running on your phone!

The workflow is ridiculously simple:
1. Design on Paper
2. Take Pictures
3. Link & Play

- Complicated wireframing tools slow us down. Why not use the most efficient tools, pen & paper, to create prototypes? That's why we make POP. You simply take pictures of your wireframe, link these pictures, and it'll work on iPhone!

- It's great for professional designers. You can import your mockup images made with Photoshop or Fireworks, link them in POP, and they'll look like the real thing.

- It's also great for anyone with an app idea. When you take pictures of paper prototypes, POP will automatically brighten up your images to make them more legible on screen.

- When you're done, share your prototypes with friends and colleagues to get feedback.

- Download now and happy prototyping!


"Ingenious Pop App Lets You Design Apps On Paper" - Cult of Mac

"This iPhone app is every designer’s missing puzzle piece for prototyping on paper" - The Next Web

"Just snap some pics of your sketches, link them together with a few taps, and voila: instant interactive prototype. No coding required." - FastCo.Design

"I was about to explore something very similar. Glad to see someone made it happen." - Jason Fried, 37 Signals.

"When doing mockups, I still find the traditional method of pen & paper to be the most convenient and comfortable. POP has not only made that possible, but a joy." - Steve Chen, Youtube

"This is delightful - It's your back of the napkin app UI sketches come to life in the most simple way possible, and ready to share with collaborators with a tap." - Phill Ryu, Impending

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